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Propane Regulator Kit Low Pressure 175,000 BTU

Part #: Z3830
Pressure regulator kit for propane tank Z2763.
• Quick tank connector
• Low pressure gas regulator
• 1/4" NPT street tee
• Pressure gauge
• 3/8" SAE elbow
• 175,000 BTU per hour
Pre-set at 100 PSIG and 11" W.C. outlet at 50 SCFH propane
• Screened vent
1) Always use an electric remote solenoid in your propane system to shut off the propane supply when the system is not in use! See "May we also suggest:" below for the solenoid.

2) Industry norm for regulator replacement is every 15 years due to degradation of internal components including the critical spring and rubber diaphragm. Regulator must be replaced immediately if it has been underwater or if you smell propane at the vent. Older regulators are potentially hazardous, so if your regulator is more than 15 years old, replace it.

Technical Support

Propane Safety Instructions
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