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Stanchion Backing Plate Trapezoidal All Years

Part #: Z3418
Stanchion backing plate, stainless steel, for trapezoidal base stanchions and gate stanchions with or without a vent.
You may notice that these plates are produced with mounting holes that are slightly oval. Sometime around 1990 the hole pattern for Catalina's stanchion bases changed. The earliest stanchions were produced by a vendor whose "analog" production created a hole pattern that was a bit asymmetrical. Each plate had a top and bottom. If you flipped one over, it's hole pattern would no longer match that of the stanchion. Post 1990 bases were produced digitally and were therefore symmetrical. Unfortunately, holes in the two bases were different enough that they were not interchangeable.

This created problems when an original stanchion was bent and replaced with a new stanchion. The backing plates wouldn't fit. The oval holes in our plates fit both hole patterns so they can be used interchangeably.

Overall dimensions: 3" X 4"
These backing plates only match stanchions that have a trapezoidal base. They are not compatible with later stanchions that have various shaped bases. For example, they are not compatible with stanchions that have triangular bases or those with the high/low base design.