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Fixed Mast Fitting for Gooseneck C-27

Part #: Z1928
Catalina 27 fixed mast fittings comes complete with back up plate. Does not include gooseneck casting. Replaces original sliding gooseneck.
Backing plate
• Height: 6-1/4"
• Width: ~.73"
• Fasteners: (4) holes threaded for 1/4-28 machine screws

Primary plate:
• Height: 6-1/2"
• Width: 1"
• Pin diameter: 3/8"
• Inside height for toggle: Cleared for 1" toggle
• Inside space for toggle, fore and aft: Cleared for 3/4"
The backing plate provides four threaded holes used to secure the bracket to the mast track. Depending on the height of your sail track entrance slot, the backing plate may not want to enter the slot.

To install the new backing plate it may be necessary to either:
a) Increase the height of the mast entrance gate
b) Cut the backing plate in half and insert the two pieces, one at a time or
c) Remove the mast and install the backing plate from the base of the mast.