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Pop Top Curtain C-22 85<->94

Part #: D1638

Due to a break in the supply chain, this product is currently unavailable.

Fits the 2nd generation Catalina 22 built between 1985 and 1994 (hull numbers 13,143 to 15,343). One window on each side is zippered to provide ventilation. When opened, fixed screens provide protection from insects.

The photo of the Pop Top Curtain above is installed on a 1985 Catalina 22 and doesn't have screens. This picture is for reference only.
The pop top curtain provides protection from the elements in any weather. Since the curtain covers the entire pop top, rain cannot enter from the top. Fabric extends down the companionway with a zipper up the middle. Although possible, it is not necessary to insert the crib boards for the curtain to keep the weather out. It attaches to the doghouse using a series of snaps installed in the deck just above the windows. This series of snaps extends in a horizontal line around the entire doghouse forward of the mast. A zipper extends from the mast forward to the leading edge so the curtain can surround the mast. The entire horizontal portion of the doghouse is covered. Additional storage space is created surrounding the mast for use at night to free up berths for sleeping.

Since many early boats already had curtains installed in the past, your boat may already have male snaps installed in the deck. These snaps were not installed using a template. Each boat is different. If your boat already has snaps installed, we can special order the cover to be built without snaps installed in the fabric. You may then install the female snaps in the cover to match the position of the male snaps in your boat. A small tool used to set the snaps in the fabric is available at a small additional cost. Male snaps for the boat are included in case your boat doesn't already have them.

Caution: Don't open the pop top while sailing in anything but the lightest breeze. it is a huge hole in the deck and an obvious safety hazard in a knock down.

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