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Weatherboard Teak
C-22 <-'85

Part #: D1199
After 66 years supplying the marine industry, Catalina’s primary teak manufacturer closed. Their equipment has been liquidated and the factory sold. We have contracted with an experienced marine millwright who is manufacturing teak parts for us using the original patterns developed for Catalina's original equipment parts. We are excited about this ability to continue to offer replacements for your aging teak.

This is the teak trim used on aft end of sliding hatch. It fits pop top equipped boats built before 1986. The thickness of the teak allows the aft surface of the sliding hatch to be aft of the crib boards when slid fully shut. This minimizes water intrusion through the companionway in wet weather. The locking hasp mounts to this part.
Later boats added a single loop teak handrail to make it more convenient to slide the hatch closed. This is an easy upgrade that can be added to any year boat. See link below for the correct handrail.

This may also be a smart time to upgrade your locking hasp. The original part used on many Catalina sailboats had four mounting holes. It was unique in that the four holes were not in a symmetrical pattern. During the Asian financial crisis a few years back, the company that made the original hasps disappeared. The old hasps, which frankly were not high quality or very strong, are no longer available. Since the new weatherboard will cover the holes, now may be an opportune time to replace the old hasp. See below for the high quality, stainless steel hasp with a twist eye used on all of the newer Catalina sailboats.
1) Please verify measurements of your weatherboard before ordering. Many teak parts were supplied to Catalina as partially finished "blanks". The final shape was determined by the craftsmen who built your boat. For example, we have not cut the small notches to port and starboard. They vary significantly from boat to boat. You will need the cut the notches to fit. In fact, you may be able to cut smaller notches than were originally installed and thereby reduce the amount of water that can enter the hatch at the corners. Consider this part to be a starting point to be modified to fit your boat, not as the finished shape.

2) Since this part is both larger (both wider and taller) than the similar piece used on the Capri 22, some Capri 22 owners have fashioned a new weatherboard for their boat using this part. Unfortunately, it is the curved top that must be trimmed since the curve of the Capri 22 hatch is a different radius than the Catalina 22 hatch. We recommend this project only for those who are experienced with woodworking.

Regarding Teak Prices: Due to the volatility of the price of teak wood all teak prices are our closest estimate. If the price indicated above has increased we will contact you prior to shipping.

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