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Keel Cable Tube C-22

Part #: D2079
Keel cable tube for the C-22. This tube is fiberglassed to the hull. The keel cable passes through the tube on its way to the keel. The tube also supports the Keel Turning Ball (see May we also suggest below). We highly recommend replacing the parts included in the C-22 Keel Lifting Hardware Maintenance Kit when the Keel Cable Tube is replaced.
• Length: ~4"
• Outside diameter: 1-5/8"
• Hole for turning ball pin: clearance for 1/4" pin
• Material: Red brass
1) When you consider that, if the installation of a new Keel Cable Tube fails your boat will sink, we highly recommend you have a boat yard perform the installation unless you are intimately familiar with fiberglass repair and qualified to perform this installation.

2) When installing a new Keel Cable Tube, we highly recommend using an epoxy resin like our West System brand epoxy. A high quality epoxy resin has a much stronger bond than the polyester resin with which the boat was built. Now that the fiberglass in your boat is fully cured, fresh polyester resin will not bond to it very well.

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