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Keel Eyebolt

Part #: D1132
This 1/2" eyebolt replaces the original 3/8" eyebolt for a stronger more secure attachment. By 1976 the drawings indicate that the keel was drilled and tapped for the 1/2" eyebolt. However, there is no record in the change log book indicating the hull number or the year that the change took effect, so double check the diameter to see if you need to order the drill and tap.
The eyebolt is specially modified to match the dimensions of a standard Catalina 22 keel cable. The original hole in the keel must be enlarged and tapped to accommodate the larger 1/2"-13 thread.
• LOA: ~2-3/16"
• Thread length: ~1"
• Thread type: 1/2"-13
• Head thickness: 1/4"
• Cleared for 5/16" clevis pin

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