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Keel Winch with Handle, C-22

Part #: D1188
A primary safety feature of the Catalina 22 is a keel winch designed with an integral clutch. There is no ratchet lever to release. Simply turn the handle clockwise to raise the keel. Turn the handle counterclockwise to lower the keel. The clutch is automatically released and the drum follows due to the tension on the keel cable. Stop turning the handle and the clutch is clamped again when the tension on the cable continues to rotate the drum a few more degrees.

Never use a trailer winch as a replacement for your boat's original keel winch! Visualize what would happen if, as the keel was being lowered, your hand slipped off the winch handle. Imagine the potential injury if your hand got tangled with the rapidly spinning winch handle. Never attempt to adjust the clutch mechanism. If the thing does not work right, replace it. The cost is just not worth the risk to the boat or the crew.
Used on the Catalina 22 and Catalina 22 Sport. Our winch is zinc plated to resist rust and corrosion.
1) Due to the size and weight of this item, a flat rate charge of $29.00 for it to be delivered to your front door will be added at check out. This charge does not cover shipping for other items which may be on the same order which will be based on the standard shipping rate table.

2) The handle for the Catalina 22 Sport keel winch was specially modified by the factory. To date, there isn't enough demand to warrant us carrying the specially modified handle. If the winch on your Catalina 22 Sport needs replacement, you will need to use your existing handle on the new winch.

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