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Keel Attachment Threaded Weldment C-22

Part #: D1904
Four of these weldments are what secure your retractable keel into the hull of your Catalina 22. The tube welded to the plate is a threaded sleeve, 1/2" OD with a 5/16 female thread which accepts the 5/16" machine screw keel fasteners. The weldment is laminated into the fiberglass, one at each corner of the keel hanger casting assembly.
• Weldment
• 5/16" Hex head machine bolt
• 5/16" Lock washer

• Plate: 1.5" X 1"
• Tube diameter: 1/2" O.D.
• Thread: 5/16-18

If the machine screw is seized into the weldment or shears off it is not possible to drill an oversize hole and tap new threads. Loss of the keel may result as the wall of the tube is not thick enough to accommodate a larger hole.

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