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Keel Fastener Kit for C-22

Part #: D1661
Includes bolts, lock washers, and a new formula LocTite which no longer requires a primer when both mating surfaces are stainless steel. LocTite prevents the bolts from backing out. But perhaps what is more important, they will also prevent the bolts from seizing together over time. In spite of the LocTite, we replace our keel bolts every two years to ensure they don't seize. The kit is inexpensive and the challenge seized bolts present is significant enough it just isn't worth taking a chance on longer intervals.

Appropriate for Catalina 22's of any vintage including the Catalina 22 Sport.
Loctite's new formula no longer requires a primer when used on non ferrous metals like the old formula did. By eliminating the primer we were able to lower the price of our fastener kit for you.

Technical Support

Keel Fasteners
Those four bolts are all that hold my keel on?

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