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Gate Stanchion Heavy Duty Starboard CP-22, C-22

Part #: CD7049
We created these stout Capri 22 gate stanchions specifically for our commercial customers who have fleets of boats for club and rental use. They are meant to address the routine problem of failure of the aft most stanchion. Many individual owners have decided to use them as well because, without the extra support of a gate stanchion at the front of the cockpit, the original equipment stanchions often get bent.
This custom starboard gate stanchion has thick 0.120" stainless tubing (compared to the original 0.049"), and a drawn trapezoid base. The drawn base creates a much stronger connection to the tube as it allows for welds on both sides of the plate, at the top of the flange and the bottom of the tube (see "More images" below). Base material is thicker 5/32" plate rather than the original 1/8".

The primary stanchion mounts flat on the deck, the support leg mounts on the top of the Capri 22 toerail, 11/16" higher than deck level
• Total height: 18-1/2"
• Height to center of top lifeline: 18"
• Distance from top of main stanchion to center of weld for support leg: 5-1/2"
• Center to center of mounting bases at deck level: ~7"
• Tubing diameter: 1"
• Fastener diameter: 1/4"

Main Stanchion Base:
• Size: 2-3/4" (short base) or 4" (long base) x 3"
• Thickness: 5/32"
• Fastener spacing: Fore & Aft: 2" (short base), 3" (long base)

Support Leg:
• Size: 2" x 1"
Some owners have used these stanchions successfully on the Catalina 22. The aft stanchions on the first (built through 1985) and third generation (post 1995) Catalina 22's are typically mounted inboard of the toerail. Therefore, an 11/16" thick plastic shim must be fashioned to mount between the support stanchion and the deck since the support leg will be mounted at deck level, not on the toerail. If you own a second generation C-22 (1986-1995) you may be able to mount the support leg on top of the toerail like on the Cpari 22 since the notch in the toerail for the aft stanchion aligns the support leg with the toerail.