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Selden Furlex CP-22 Furling Gear Kit All Years

Part #: CD7123
A complete kit for first time installation of furling gear on your Capri 22. Everything you need from furling hardware, to a new forestay to the line and hardware to lead the furling line back to the cockit.

Selden's S-series Furlex system well sized for the Capri 22 standard rig or Capri 22 tall rig. Shares many features of Selden's larger furlers like the patented load distributor in the halyard swivel and the full-length distance tubes for smooth rotation.

• Polyamide composite drum reinforced with stainless steel
• Composite halyard swivel reinforced with stainless steel
• Stainless steel ball bearings and bearing races

6 mm luff foil supports either #5 or #6 luff tape. Use 6mm for a snug fit, #5 for easier hoisting if you trailer often.
Complete kit includes:
• Drum with tack shackle
• Top swivel with head shackle
• Forestay 4mm wire with t-bar terminal at top and Stay-Loc at bottom
• Lower toggle
• Foil pack
• Halyard lead
• 6" cleat
• Pulpit mounted furling line block
• Furling line fairleads (2)
• Stainless steel sail feeder
• Pre-feeder with line
• Furling line
• Locking adhesive
• Grease
• 5.3mm drill bit
• Sealant
• Fasteners for cleat and fairleads
The furler features a very compact drum assembly that makes it ideal for a small trailerable boat. This is achieved by eliminating the forestay turnbuckle and the bulky drum and torque tube necessary to house it.

With your rig tuned, and before lowering your mast, mark the screws above and below the existing turnbuckle with tape. Use the supplied Norseman user installed eye to terminate the new forestay at the bottom. Match the overall pin-to-pin length of the new forestay with that of your old forestay. The eye is installed with simple hand tools and develops the full strength of the wire.