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Halyards to Cockpit Kit Line & Sheaves, C-22

Part #: D1886
$208.52 $187.67
This Catalina 22 halyard kit includes enough ultra low stretch line to lead both halyards aft to the cockpit. Custom made sheaves replace your old wire sheaves and prevent chafing. Our custom made sheaves are the only sheaves which will accommodate external line halyards in the C-22 masthead. Our sheaves are made from black ultra violet resistant UHMD plastic. Four are included in the kit, two are mounted forward and two aft.
New high tech line is made from a traditional Dacron cover over a core of ultra strong, very low stretch fiber. The Dacron cover protects the core from ultraviolet light and abrasion. The Krypton line included in this kit has a Spectra core for high strength and low stretch and has two different colors, one for each halyard.

Unlike traditional double braid Dacron line, you cannot melt the ends of high tech line to fuse the cover and core together. The Dacron and Spectra have such different melting points, the two plastics never fuse. To solve this challenge, we include two "Whip Widgets". The widgets are caps which, when installed on the bitter end of the line, prevent the cover and core from separating and fraying.

In order to save money, we recommend re-using your old halyard shackle and securing it to the halyard with a bowline knot, just as the factory did. If you need new shackles, see the related items below.
• Diameter: 1/4"
• Length: 65' (jib) & 60' (main)
• Construction: Double braid continuous strand line without mill splices (see "Technical Support" below for the full story)
• Fiber: Polyester cover, w/ Dyneema core
• Stretch: Extremely low, approximately 1/4 that of polyester
• Color: White with red markers (jib) and white with blue (main) markers

Technical Support

What is a Mill Splice
 What is mill splicing?