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Inboard Genoa Track Kit 15/16" x 2' Through 1985

Part #: D1961
Includes all of the hardware you will need to install two 2' long inboard genoa tracks on your first generation boat. Inboard tracks make the boat point higher by providing a lead for your heads'l that is closer to the centerline of the boat.
For the fasteners that will be exposed inside the main cabin, we provide barrel nuts. A traditional installation uses a hex nut plus an acorn nut creating a substantial and dangerous protrusion below. Barrel nuts minimize the danger because the threads are inside the thickness of the deck with only a minimal protrusion below. A few extra fasteners included in the kit allow you to mount the track forward or aft a bit to accommodate the clew height of your sails.

Note, this early 15/16" track is only available in 4' lengths now. this kit includes one 4' length which you cut in half before installation.

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