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Mast Step Shim Kit
C-22 All Years

Part #: D2189
This high density UV resistant plastic shim was used in cases where, upon having accidentally dropped the mast, the bolt holes in the base of the mast have been torn out of the mast. Trim the bottom of the mast by 1" and shim the mast step with this shim kit. Fits all generations of Catalina 22.
Often, during this sort of incident, the strength of the lag screw through the deck and compression post is compromised. So the kit includes an extra long lag bolt to accommodate the thickness of the shim and reach 1" deeper into the compression post. A 1" longer than stock through bolt w/nut & washer, high strength sealant & 1" high plastic shim with tapered sides for a clean, original looking installation.
• Height: 1"
• Width at the base: 3-9/16"
• Width at the top: 3"
• Length at the top: 5-1/4"
• Length at the base: 5-3/8""
1) If the lag bolt threads in the teak are stripped, you will also need the epoxy kit offered below. Fill the old hole in the deck and compression post with the epoxy and let it cure. Re-drill the hole and mount the new mast step using the sealant included in the kit. Regardless if the threads are stripped or not, remember to drill a pilot hole deep enough to accommodate the 4-1/2" long lag screw (1" deeper than the original lag screw). Installing the longer lag screw without the appropriate pilot hole might split the teak compression post.

2) If you install this plate under our plastic shim included in the Mast Step Shim Kit (pictured below under "May we also suggest), a slight modification will be necessary. Since there is a slight taper in the sides of the shim, the bottom outside corners will hit the radius of the bend in the halyard plate. It will be necessary to file about 1/32" off of the bottom edges of the shim to match the radius of the plate.