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Backstay, Adjustable
C-22 and C-22 Sport

Part #: D110
Give your boat a rest. Enjoy better performance while sailing yet let your boat relax while she's in her slip by taking the tension off the rig. For those with roller furling, an adjustable backstay makes trailering easier too. Ease the backstay adjuster and pull the top of the mast forward with a halyard. Now you can remove the forestay clevis pin without having to gain access to the forestay turnbuckle.
Equipped with a 12:1 purchase in a cascade configuration, the kit include a new backstay with boom pennant, transom eyebolt/chainplate assembly, Harken blocks, Pelican line and cascade wire roll swaged for a clean attachment to the deck. If your boat has a single backstay, simply install the new chainplate and replace the existing backstay with the hardware provided. If your boat is equipped with a split backstay, the existing chainplates are sufficient to re-use (assuming they are still in good shape).
• Diameter: 1/4"
• Length: 22'
• Construction: Double braid continuous strand line without mill splices (see "Technical Support" below for the full story)
• Fiber: Dacron Polyester cover, w/ Polyester core
• Stretch: Very low stretch
• Color: White with blue marker

1) The stem fitting on Catalina 22's built before 1982 was only bolted to the deck. This was an inherent weak point. These early boats must be equipped with our #D1741 Stem Reinforcement Kit before fitting an adjustable backstay. Boats built during and after 1982 used a stem fitting that had an extra tang extending down the bow that added significant extra strength.

2) In 2010 Catalina started supplying their boats with Seldén masts and standing rigging. Current production Catalina 22 Sport (hulls 15759 and up) are now equipped with Seldén rigs. These boats require different mast fittings. If your boat has a Seldén rig, call our Technical Support at 916/843-1971.

Technical Support