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Masthead Casting - Oval Mast C-22

Part #: D1080
Masthead Truck complete for early oval mast. Includes 4 wire sheaves and divider plate.
Portion of the casting that slides into the mast extrusion:
• Maximum width: Approximately 2-7/16" (2.440")
• Length fore and aft: 2-1/4"

Outside dimensions of mast extrusion this masthead is intended to fit:
• Width: Approximately 2-3/4"
• Length fore and aft: Approximately 3-1/2"

Oval masts were original equipment on boats built until 1979. By this time, many masts have been retrofitted with the newer, stronger flat sided mast. Check your mast carefully before ordering to determine which mast you have.

Technical Support

Galvanic Corrosion
Corrosion, Lady Liberty, and You!
Masthead Divider Plate Information
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