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Spreader Bracket Set
C-22 Flat Mast

Part #: D131
Replacement spreader brackets for a Catalina 22 with flat sided mast.

• Spreader brackets
• Inner tangs
• Compression tube
• Clevis pins
• Fasteners
• MareLube TEF 45 anti-corrosion gel
• Latex gloves
• Installation drawing
• Installation instructions
• Delrin dielectric self adhesive insulator to prevent corrosion at the stainless/aluminum interface
Use MareLube TEF 45 to prevent seizing of the fasteners and galvanic corrosion between the aluminum compression tube and stainless steel bolt to aid future disassembly.

Technical Support

Spreader Bracket Retrofit Kits for the Catalina 22, Catalina 25, and Catalina 27
Replace your cast aluminum brackets with our new stainless steel weldments.