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Stem Fitting with Tang C-22

Part #: D1109
Boats built before 1982 had an inherent weakness: forestay load was forward of the stem fitting's forward mounting bolts, supported only by the deck, in an area with many holes, all forward of the marine plywood reinforcement. It is common to see these Catalina 22's with stem fittings being pulled up from the deck.
This stem fitting is a factory upgrade to the original stem fitting. The addition of the tang in 1983 provided support from the hull which was missing in earlier models. The original fitting was only bolted to the deck. Although this item can be retrofitted to an earlier boat, it is a day long project for an experienced shade tree mechanic. Also used on Catalina 22 Sport.

Our Stem Reinforcement Kit (see below) can be installed in less than an hour and transfers the load of the forestay and heads'l to the hull also.

Video Projects Volume I includes complete instructions for installing this kit.

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