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Upper Shroud Chainplate C-22 '95->, Sport

Part #: D2197
The latest design of the Catalina 22 upper shroud chainplate features a welded flange that mounts to the top surface of the deck. This flange provides additional stability and thereby maintains a better seal between the deck and the chainplate where the chainplate penetrates the deck.

Sold per pair

Catalina Yachts reports this chainplate is used on the third generation Catalina 22 as well as the Catalina 22 Sport. (Check your boat to verify before ordering.)

The earlier design used on the second generation Catalina 22 (part #D1514) is somewhat problematic. When loaded then unloaded repeatedly (while tacking to weather for example) the chainplate moves up and down slightly inside the cover plate. This breaks the seal and allows water to leak into and damage the plywood of the main bulkhead.

Some customers report success replacing the earlier chainplate design with this new design to improve the seal. If retrofitting this third generation chainplate to a second generation boat, care must be taken to ensure it will fit properly. Measure your existing installation and compare to the measurements provided to ensure compatibility with your existing hole spacing.

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