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Upper Shroud Chainplates,
C-22, '86 <->'95

Part #: D1514
This chainplate, unlike those used on earlier Catalina 22's, is a long strap that fastens to the main bulkhead and extends completely through the deck. Above deck level it provides a hole where the upper shroud turnbuckle attaches.

Sold per pair
A cover plate is provided for use on deck. the cover plate is used together with a high quality sealant to create a waterproof seal. We recommend you check this seal frequently (at least every year) by removing both the cover plate and chainplate as this design as been somewhat problematic. When loaded then unloaded repeatedly (while tacking to weather for example) the chainplate moves up and down slightly inside the cover plate. This breaks the seal and allows water to leak into and damage the plywood of the main bulkhead.

Some customers report success replacing this earlier chainplate design with the new design introduced in 1995 to improve the seal (see part #D2197).

This chainplate is used only on the upper shrouds. The fore and aft lowers use 1/2" diameter chainplate eyebolts similar to those used on earlier Catalina 22's.
If there has been water intrusion, it will damage the plywood deck core as well as the interior main bulkhead. A chainplate that is kept in constant with moisture by the the saturated wood in the deck is also subject to crevice corrosion and failure.

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