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Deck Connector 2 Pin Chrome Brass

Part #: Z2027
This connecter was used for many years to allow the mast light wiring to be disconnected when the mast is lowered. It will only support one light. Most often it was used for the optional steaming light. Anchor lights were not an option then. Very early boats (early 70's) used a different connector which is no longer available.
If it's time to upgrade to additional lights on your mast, you may opt for one of the four pin connectors below in "May we also suggest". This provides for an anchor light and a combination steaming and deck light which require three hot leads. The fourth wire is for the common ground. The four pin brass connector uses the same screw hole pattern as the two and old three pin connector.

Our deck connectors always come as a set that includes both the deck and mast half of the connector.
• Height: 2-1/4" (~57mm)
• Base diameter: 1-1/2" (~38mm)
• Fasteners: 3 ea. #4 (not supplied)
• Rating: 3A
The screws used in this fitting are both tiny and brass. Brass is used to make a good electrical connection to the conductor. But brass is also soft.

If you use an old, worn screwdriver or one of the wrong size, you will round out the head of the screw and be unable to remove it. In addition, if you over-tighten a screw you will break it off. Neither is the result of a factory defect. The manufacturer will not replace the part for you under their warrantee. If you damage a screw in this way, your only recourse is to purchase another complete connector.

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