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Engine Wiring Harness Upgrade Kit

Part #: Z2758
Converts early engine wiring harness for more efficient charging.

Boats built until 1988 used an ammeter on the engine master panel. In 1988 Catalina Yachts replaced the ammeter with a voltmeter. But until 1992 the wiring harness remained. This restricted charging capacity.
When equipped with an ammeter in the engine instrument panel, all charging power traveled from the alternator to the ammeter, then back to the batteries. This long run of small gauge wire created enough resistance to cause a voltage drop. Therefore the charging system did not function well.

This kit also corrects a problem with the quality of the electrical connectors supplied on early Universal engines. Early connectors would literally melt at a surprisingly low temperature (caused by charging a discharged two battery bank for example) and fall apart. Resulting shorts could easily cause a fire in the engine compartment.

This simple kit reroutes the wiring to improve charging and eliminates the connectors for improved safety. It includes upgraded terminal strips, connectors and instructions.
If your engine panel includes an ammeter (pre 1988 boats) it will be necessary to replace your ammeter with the voltmeter #Z2652 shown below in order to complete the steps necessary to improve the charging capabilities.

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Engine Wiring Harness Upgrade for Universal Diesel Engines
Boats built until 1988 used an ammeter on the engine instrument panel. Catalina Yachts subsequently replaced the ammeter with ...