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Vinyl Trim - Pop Top C-22, C-25, C-250 - 14'

Part #: Z1762

We no longer offer this product. 

See vinyl trim for companionway hatch below (part number Z1547) for an 11' substitute. Caution: You must order two #Z1547 in order to have enough length for a pop top opening.

White molding, 1-1/8" high x 14' long. Trims the seam around the pop top where the two major deck components, the deck and deck liner join. Used on the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25.

Typically installed using 24 each, #8 x 3/4" phillips pan head sheet metal screws (not included).

Please measure the trim on your boat before ordering. Occasionally Catalina has surprised us by installing a different size trim than their literature specifies.