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Tiller Strap Improved Heavy Duty C-22, C-25, CP-22

Part #: Z1986
Similar to those used by the factory on a Catalina 25, they attach the tiller to the rudder. Early original straps had mounting holes in a straight line so all of the holes were in the same grain of the wood. Later, the hole pattern in the stock narrow strap was staggered to increase strength through the wood.

Sold per pair.
These improved heavy duty straps have holes that are staggered providing a stronger attachment to the tiller. Suitable for use on the Catalina 22, Catalina 25, and Capri 22.

The original small tiller straps on the Catalina 22 and Capri 22 were subject to failure over time due to fatigue from bending. These are thicker, wider, and much stronger than the original equipment straps. They eliminate the bending under load that causes a mushy feel and lack of feedback in the helm.
• Length: 11"
• Height: 2"
• Thickness: 1/4"

Fastener holes:
• Tiller bolt (1): Cleared for 3/8" diameter
• Tiller to strap holes (3): Cleared for 1/4"

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