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Traveler Control Cleat
C-22, C-25

Part #: D1256
This cam cleat mounts using two through bolts (included) and a special bracket to the vertical leg of the stern pulpit. It secures the cleat in the correct ergonomic position. Early factory traveler controls forced you to pull the line to your right or your left to move the traveler to weather. This is a difficult direction to pull as you don't have much strength when pulling to the side.
This assembly mounts the cleat at a much more convenient angle. To haul the traveler to weather, just pull the traveler control line directly toward you. Pulling this direction you have much more strength and the task is easy.

The standing part of traveler control line ties through the small hole. From there the line leads inboard to the traveler car, through the sheave on the car, then back outboard. It then passes through the fairlead, then forward through the cleat.
The photo above is of the cleat mounted on the inboard, port side stanchion of the pulpit. You will need two, one for each side of the boat.