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C-25 Keel Turning Ball Kit

Part #: E2082
The turning ball isn't replaced often. But when it needs replacing it must be done immediately or it will ruin your keel cable. We keep a spare in our tool kit. Each time we replace the keel cable, we remove the keel cable hose and check the turning ball carefully. If there is any indication of wear at the bottom of the groove, replace it and order another spare. If not, keep it in your tool kit for use after the next inspection.
The ball serves to change the angle of the cable as the keel is lowered. is a rather small diameter, especially when measured at the bottom of the groove. Any wear or debris will prevent the rotation of the ball.
Caution: Be sure to place the cable aft of the turning ball when replacing the cable. Failure to do so will result in the cable cutting a slit in the hull as you raise and lower the keel.

The keel turning ball rotates on this pin. The pin is held into the bronze through hull tube by the keel cable hose. This improved pin is made of type 316 stainless steel for better corrosion resistance than the original pin. 3/8" diameter, 1-5/8" long.

Technical Support

Routine Keel Lifting Hardware Maintenance
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