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Keel Eyebolt Retrofit Assy

Part #: E1303
This retrofit bracket is used to replace the old style eyebolt used on Catalina 25's built prior to 1985. It eliminates the problem of tightening the eyebolt and finding out the hole is not in the right alignment for the keel cable. By making the bolt and the eye separate you can be assured of a proper alignment when the bolt is tight.
The clever design of the attached anti-rotation pin prevents release of bolt when the clevis pin is installed. The clevis pin and LocTite are included with the kit.

Allen head cap screw:
• Diameter: 1/2"-13 thread.
• Length: 1-1/4"
• Material: Type 304 stainless steel
Don't lose the individual components! The vendor supplies this entire assembly as a complete unit. We cannot supply replacement parts separately.

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