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C-25 Keel Pivot Pin Bushing

Part #: E1985
This stainless steel bushing is a retrofit used on Catalina 25 swing keels when wear to the pivot pin hole has caused a poor fit. The original keel had no bushing. The hole in the keel must be bored out to accommodate the bushing.
Wear to the pin or keel is a symptom of keel hanger castings which are too small. Bushing the worn keel repairs the symptom of the problem but ignores the problem itself. To repair the problem, the keel hanger castings must be replaced with a new retrofit. The retrofit includes castings which extend farther inboard to prevent the keel from moving from side to side at the pivot point.

At the same time, add the keel centering spacer kit. The spacers eliminate the excess space found at the top of every Catalina 25 retractable keel. The keel hanger casting kit and keel centering spacer kit must both be installed in your boat together or you risk causing other, potentially serious problems. Installing both kits eliminates future wear to the keel pin and keel itself and reduces the load on the keel trunk.
• Inside diameter: 1" (matches the original pin diameter)
• Outside diameter: 1-1/4"
• Length: 2-1/2"

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