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Keel Pivot Pin Shim Washer C-22, C-25

Part #: E1707
This large stainless steel washer is sometimes used as a temporary shim when a proper repair is not practical at the moment. They should only be considered temporary in nature until a proper repair can be accomplished. Their purpose is to eliminate the excess clearance between the keel and the keel hanger castings. This excess clearance allows the keel to slide from side to side on the keel pin creating excess wear to both the keel pivot pin and the keel itself.
A proper repair entails replacing the bronze hanger castings themselves. Larger castings eliminate the excess space. Due to their much larger surface area than shims, they also prevent the keel racking in the keel trunk.

Corrosion resistant type 316 stainless steel.

• Inside diameter: 1"
• Outside diameter: 2"
• Thickness: 0.11" (7/64")

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