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Handrail Teak, 7 Loop, Imported, C-25, C-27 (pr)

Part #: Z4869
Aftermarket solid teak 7 loop handrails (sold in pairs) with the same length and approximately the same mounting locations as the original equipment.
Approximately 73" long with 10" loops. Unfinished natural teak.

This size handrail was used on early Catalina 25's. Later Catalina 27's also used seven loop handrails. Customers report this handrail on C-27's as early as #5375 built in 1983. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the handrail change in Catalina's records, so this is only an educated guess.

On some boats these handrails were mounted to conform to the curve of the deck. The handrails are (and always were) produced straight. The curve is introduced as needed during installation by simply bending the handrail. Supplied undrilled. On early boats handrails were attached with screws from below. On later boats, some fasteners on an individual handrail were through bolts while others continued to be screws.
1) This is an oversize item which does not conform to our standard shipping policies. Call 800/959-SAIL for a shipping estimate.

2) An additional packaging charge also applies to this item.

3) Take a look at the additional photos to see the difference between the OEM and this Imported option.

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