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Kick-Up Rudder Shear Pins

Part #: Z2348
Shear pin for kick-up rudder. 3/8" diameter.

Sold per pair

Catalina's kick-up rudder design has a tendency to kick up when you're underway. This tendency is especially prevalent at the worst possible time, when the weather gets blustery. Once the rudder blade begins to kick up, it creates a huge amount of weather helm, making the boat very difficult to control.
This pin will prevent the rudder blade kicking up while underway, yet, if you run aground, the plastic will shear preventing serious damage.

To use these pins, it will be necessary to drill a hole completely through the rudder cheek and blade assembly. Doing so will expose the foam core of the rudder to water intrusion. To avoid saturating the foam core:

1) Drill a 3/8" hole entirely through the cheek/rudder blade assembly.

2) Remove the rudder blade from the cheeks.

3) Drill the hole through the rudder blade again, this time a larger diameter, perhaps 1/2" or 5/8" in diameter.

4) Fill the hole in the blade with a mixture of West epoxy and high density filler found in the Small Repair Kit (found below under "May we also suggest").

5) After the epoxy is fully cured (a day or two later), reinstall the rudder blade into the rudder cheeks.

6) Using your original 3/8" hole in the cheeks as a guide, drill through the center of the epoxy plug you created in the last step.

Following these steps will create a waterproof epoxy sleeve in the fiberglass/foam rudder blade and prevent water intrusion into the foam core.

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