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Top Cap Retrofit, CDI FF4/6 Furlers, CP-26, C-25, C-27, C-270, C-28, C-30 Std Rig

Part #: Z2517
Halyard top fitting for Cruising Design's (CDI) FF4, FF6 furling units. Typically used on the Catalina 25, Capri 26, Catalina 27, and Catalina 30 standard rig when equipped with a CDI roller furler.
• Length: 4-7/8"
• Diameter, outside: 2-1/8"
• Clearance hole for forestay, diameter: 1/2"
• Halyard sheave slot: 1-5/8" x ~5/16"
• Halyard sheave clevis, outside diameter: 3/8"
• Halyard sheave outside diameter: ~1-1/8"
• Luff, recess details:
    Width: Cleared for 0.9" wide extrusion
    Lenght: Ceared for 1.8" long extrusion
    Depth, recess into cap: ~2-5/8"
1) Caution: This top cap must be used on the unique FF6/7 furler typically found in the Catalina 28 and the Catalina 30 (standard rig only). This furler used the FF7 drum/torque tube assembly but used the FF6 foll. Since this top cap must fit onto the foil, the foil must be an FF6 for this cap to work. Catalina 30 tall rigs typically used the FF7 foil which requires a different top cap.

2) These furlers were never factory installed options on the Catalina 28 or C-30 tall rig, therefore we cannot be certain which furler a former owner may have installed on your boat. Consult the table below under Technical Support and measure you furler to determine if this is the correct part for your boat.