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Halyard Lift Turning Block

Part #: Z2223
The halyard lift turning block bolts to the deck to turn the vertical halyard horizontal and lead it outboard to the deck organizer. If need be, a pair can be through bolted to near the base of the mast as well in cases like the Catalina 27 where the dog house is right up against the mast.
Ordinarily, to lead your halyards aft, you must unstep the mast to add a mast step halyard plate for turning blocks. This block bolts straight to the deck to run your halyards aft without the need to unstep the mast. Another option is to through bolt a pair near the base of the mast. Use your existing external wire halyards and extend the line tails. Or better yet, convert to all line halyards using our Krypton Spectra core line.

This block is also used when leading a traveler control line aft under a dodger. The traveler upgrade is ordered with a "dodger conversion". One halyard lift block is mounted at each end of the traveler, below and immediately aft of the traveler to lead the line coming down from the traveler aft and under the dodger.
Approximate Dimensions:
• Sheave diameter: 2"
• Line Diameter: 5/16" to 3/8"
• Overall dimensions at mounting base: 2" wide x 2-1/4" long
• Overalll height above the deck: 2-1/4"

Safe working load of 1,150 pounds.
Maximum line diameter: 3/8"

Mounting Holes:
• Fastener size: #10 or 3/16"
• Center to center spacing: 1-1/2" X 1-3/4"