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Mainsheet Block Kit, Stainless Steel, CP-18, CP-22, C-22, C-25

Part #: Z3287
New mainsheet block kit for your Catalina 22, Capri 22, or Catalina 25.

This kit uses high quality stainless steel blocks for high strength and long, trouble free life. Ball bearings provide low friction operation to reduce the effort needed to trim the mains'l.
Unique to our stainless steel mainsheet tackle is a provision to adjust the angle of the cam cleat on the lower fiddle block. Catalina Direct's custom made block provides for adjustment of the platform on which the cleat is mounted. Without this adjustment, the angle of the mainsheet will be incorrect. If the cleat is too low, you won't be able to easily un-cleat the line in an emergency. If the cleat is angled too high, you will not be able to cleat the line when necessary.

With our custom made block, a suitable angle can be achieved to make it easy to cleat and, for increased safety, release the mainsheet at a moments notice. The mechanical advantage of the mainsheet can also be configured to give either a 3:1 ratio (for faster sheeting adjustments) or a 4:1 ratio (for sheeting in heavier wind areas). See "More Images" below for a complete understanding of these features.

Stainless steel construction with full stainless cheeks won't weaken and break due to exposure to sunlight. The bearings are always contained by the stainless and wont drop out over time.

• Sheave diameter: 2"
• Maximum line diameter: 3/8"
• Safe working load: 1150 pounds

Ten year manufacturer's warranty.
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