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Cleat Riser, Angled

Part #: Z5435
Two or three wraps of line around a winch leads the line off of the winch higher than it enters. Without a riser, the cam cleat will be so low the line will pull up and out of the cleat. This riser lifts a Harken 150 cam cleat (our #Z3696) off the deck when a cleat is used downstream of a winch. This does include the underside angled washer, as shown in the photo.
• Height:
     Thin side: ~ 17mm (~5/8")
     Thick side: ~ 25mm (~1")
• Fastener details:
     Holes on 38mm (1.5") centers (See Warnings & Notes #2)
1) Schaefer's 70-17 cam cleat (our #Z2438) base is a different shape and not a perfect fit for the Harken riser even though the mount holes match.

2) This thicker angled riser is directional or only allows the cam cleat to be mounted with the line entering on the short side and exiting on the high side. If you need the angle to be reversible, line entering on the high side and exit on the low side, see alternate thinner wedge with slots to allow for either orientation in "May we also suggest".

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