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Traveler Bar C-22 & C-25

Part #: D1491
Traveler bar for Catalina 22 and Catalina 25's built prior to 1985.
See the Louvered Vents listed in "May we also suggest" below to cover access holes necessary to access the fasteners.

• Overall width: 24"
• Bar diameter: 5/8"
• Fastener spacing, center to center: 23-1/2"
• Installed height: 3" from the deck to the bottom of the bar
• Fasteners: 1/2" bolt into the bottom of each leg (requires 3/4" wrench), see note 2 below
1) Early boats utilized a 3/8" machine screw into the bottom of the traveler bar. Catalina Yachts changed from 3/8" diameter to 1/2" diameter at an unknown, unrecorded date.

2) Current replacement traveler bars are supplied with a 1/2" machine screw that uses a 3/8" allen head to make it easier to fit into the small available space that is inside of the coaming.