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Backstay, Standard Rig
C-25 <-87

Part #: E1749
Backstay for the Catalina 25 standard rig for hull 5802 and earlier.

We start with corrosion resistant type 316 stainless steel wire. Roll swaged fittings are used both top and bottom. A new open design turnbuckle body can be securely pinned to prevent the turnbuckle from unscrewing.
We roll swage a stud onto the lower end of the wire. We replace your old toggle with a forged T-bolt design which cannot accidentally unscrew from the bottom slug like earlier designs. Turnbuckle clevis pins and new cotter pins are provided.

Since most sailors have added a fully functioning topping lift or a Boomkicker (allowing them to douse their mains without being head to wind), this backstay no longer includes a pigtail option. You may also want to consider a boom topping lift or a Boomkicker instead of using a pigtail for added safety and performance.

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