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Backstay, Tall Rig
C-25 88->

Part #: E1863
Backstay for the Catalina 25 tall rig for hulls 5803 and later.

We start with corrosion resistant type 316 stainless steel wire. Roll swaged fittings are used both top and bottom. A new open design turnbuckle body can be securely pinned to prevent the turnbuckle from unscrewing.
We roll swage a stud onto the lower end of the wire. The body screws directly onto the stud eliminating the top turnbuckle toggle. There are fewer parts that can fail and fewer parts to snag sails and sheets. We replace your old turnbuckle toggle with a forged T-bolt design which cannot accidentally unscrew from the bottom slug like earlier designs. Turnbuckle clevis pins and new cotter pins are provided.

1) Since most sailors have added a fully functioning topping lift or a Boomkicker (allowing them to douse their mains without being head to wind), this backstay no longer includes a pigtail option. You may also want to consider a boom topping lift or a Boomkicker instead of using a pigtail for added safety and performance.

2) The length of this item is based on the original factory specifications. However, the previous owner, like Captain Jack Sparrow, may have had an entirely different idea about how to rig a boat! Please confirm this is the correct length for your particular boat. We cut it from a long length and can't splice it back together again. Your order cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged, but, like Jack, you may have a different idea of what you can use it for!