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Standing Rigging Kit
C-25 Tall Rig <-87

Part #: E1832
Standing rigging kit for the Catalina 25 tall rig for hulls 5802 and earlier.

Includes open body chrome bronze turnbuckles and forged T-bolts with toggles. The bottom end of all wires terminate in a roll swaged threaded stud which provides a clean transition into the turnbuckle. All wire is highly corrosion resistant type 316 stainless steel, an upgrade from the original type 304 stainless supplied with the boat. Forestay, fore and aft lowers and upper shrouds are included. Even new cotter pins and Sea Lube turnbuckle lube are included.

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2) Choose an appropriate backstay by calling our staff to completely renew your rigging. Use the turnbuckle lubricant to prevent thread galling.
  • Why must I purchase shrouds in pairs when only one is damaged?

    Since new rigging stretches, replacing only one of a pair of shrouds will make it difficult to keep your rig in tune.

  • How often must I tune my new rigging?

    You should “pre flight” and “post flight” your rig before and after every sail. Every time you sail in more wind than you have sailed in previously with your new rigging, it must be re-tuned.

  • How long does standing rigging last?

    Since rigging fails inside of the end fittings where they cannot be inspected, prudence dictates that standing rigging be replaced every seven years for boats sailed in salt water, every ten years for those sailed in fresh water.