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Boom Bail
C-25, C-27

Part #: E1871
This boom bail attaches to the boom with a single bolt allowing the bail to pivot to the necessary angle, 2-3/4" wide uses 1/4" bolt.
The kit includes the bail, bolt, lock nut and flat washers. Install the flat washers between the bail and the boom to prevent chafe between the boom and the bail.

We use a bolt that is a bit longer overall than you might think is necessary. This longer bolt provides a smooth shank through the entire boom which eliminates bare threads grinding on the aluminum and enlarging the hole. Remove the excess length of bolt with a hack saw after installation for safety.

If used on a Catalina 25 tall rig mast, this bail must be widened a bit in a vise in order to accommodate the extra width of the mast. We are not aware of a bail that is the perfect size for the wider tall rig mast.