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C-25 & C-27 Mast Compression Tube Small

Part #: Z2105
Used inside the mast where a 3/8" diameter bolt secures the spreader bracket. The bolt carries the load from the lower shrouds in addition. The compression tube prevents the collapse of the side walls of the mast when the nut and bolt are properly tightened.
The compression tube will need to be trimmed to length and filed carefully to a close slip fit to achieve proper results.
OD: 1/2"
Length: 3-3/16"

1) The MareLube TEF 45 listed below must be used on both the bolt and compression tube to prevent the two from corroding together.

2) Will not fit C-27s with hull numbers in the following ranges: 1421-1450, 2465-2549, 3101-3150, 3950-3999, 4701-4725, 5042-5051, and 5140-5149. These boats were not built in California and used a different mast. There may be other ranges as well that we have not discovered yet.

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