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Mast Step Mounting Kit, C-25 Later

Part #: E1835
Used for both the tall and standard rig Catalina 25 mast steps on later boats. Later boats had a mast step with a welded extension to allow use of hex head lag bolts for the aft fasteners whereas earlier mast steps used four flat recessed fasteners.
Mast Step base dimensions for which this kit is designed:
• Length, fore and aft, not including vang and spinnaker loops: 6-3/4"
• (2) Flat head self tapping screws
• (2) Hex head self tapping screws
• (1) Marine Tex repair kit
• (1) Tube of high strength sealant / adhesive

Failure of the seal at the mast step will compromise the plywood in the deck. Kit includes a high strength adhesive/sealant for water resistant seal around holes to seal this critical point as well as material to repair any old holes as the fastener locations have varied from one hand welded mast step to the next.

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