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Anchor Light Mast Mount Tube - C-25

Part #: E1273
This custom pedestal is machined to fit against the contours of the Catalina masthead. Use with our #Z2004 masthead anchor light (see below). The wire is lead down the inside of the tube then through a vertical hole you drill in the masthead casting. From there it leads through the mast's conduit until finally it exits at the base of the mast.
The pedestal is tall enough the light clears the top of the masthead casting. But it's not too tall. Our 15" Windex, installed using our custom mounting bracket will clear the top of the light.

Holes in the aluminum pad are pre-drilled and tapped to fit a Aqua Signal (our part #Z2004) or Hella (our part #Z3366) anchor light. A hole is required for the wire to pass through the masthead. See the Anchor Light Tube Installation Kit below for all of the correct parts and tools.

1) Early boats used a teak pad on top of a tube rather than the welded base shown here. The teak pad is no longer available.

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