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Mast Compete C-25 Std Rig Retrofit

Part #: E2038

Mast complete for the standard rig Catalina 25 built before 1986. Its 28' length matches masts used on boats built to standard rig dimensions. Call for tall rig or post 1986 inquires.
• Replacement kit includes new style recessed masthead.
• Mast is 2-1/2" longer to accommodate the new mast head.
• Holes for masthead / upper shroud tang bolt are pre-drilled.
Note: Do not drill additional holes through the mast for the upper shroud tangs at their original locations. They need the additional support of the masthead assembly.
• Masthead will need to be drilled for the compression sleeve.
• Upper shroud tangs will be 1-3/8" higher than those on the original mast. If there is not enough adjustment in the turnbuckles, use the included rigging toggles that provide an additional 1-1/4" in length.
• Upper shroud tangs, bolt, compression sleeve, and nylock nut are included.
• Holes for mast step bolt must be drilled during assembly.
• New, mast step, mast step fasteners, mast step bolt, and nut to match the new mast section are included in the kit.
• Machined for sail entrance slot, no hardware is installed. Internal halyards will require modification to install exit blocks at base of the mast.
• New spreaders, brackets, compression sleeve, tangs, bolt, pop rivets, and nylock nut for lower shroud attachment are included.
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