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Keel Centering Spacer Kit C-25, C-250

Part #: E4110


Most Catalina 250s and 25s were assembled with too much space between the keel and the keel trunk. This allows the keel to move form side to side inside of the trunk. The keel sliding from side to side on the pin causes wear to the pin and the keel itself.


With the keel in the raised position, these six phenolic shims are epoxied to the sides of the keel near the front. When the keel is lowered, the shims rotate up and into the keel trunk. The six shims are installed in pairs as needed to eliminate as much as 5/8" of excess space. Additional space will require an additional kit.

Kit includes:
• Sandpaper
• (6) Phenolic shims
• Two part epoxy
• Stirring stick
• (2) Nitrile gloves
• Installation instructions

Caution: It is imperative that keel centering spacers be installed whenever the new, wider than original, bronze keel hanger castings are installed. Installing either kit without the other can accelerate wear and add significant additional stress to the keel pivot assembly.

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Keel Centering Spacer Kit
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