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Rubrail C-25, C-250, CP-26 Gray Vinyl

Part #: E1834
56' long. We have the manufacturer mix a UV inhibitor into the plastic before it's extruded. Its resistance to the sun makes for a longer life. Fits all Capri 26's, Catalina 25s, and Catalina 250s.

Being new, this material is more supple than your old rubrail. Replacement is simple. Just start at the transom. Remove the self tapping screw that secures the end of the vinyl and zip it out.
To install, coil it in a bucket of very hot water. Add a bit of dish soap to make it slippery. Then just work it into the track as you work your way around the boat. It will not slide in from the end of the track. If it's cold out, add more hot water as you go to keep it supple.

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