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Gudgeon 1/2" Retrofit Three Bolt Hole C-22, C-22 Sport, C-25, CP-22, C-250

Part #: Z2125
Our new gudgeons have several improvements compared to the original. The additional photos at the left show how robust the new gudgeons are.
• The small stainless steel washer has been replaced by a large stainless ferrule
• The ferrule is bushed with Delrin for smooth operation without play
• Two gussets now stabilize the 90 degree angle of the gudgeon to prevent bending
• Hole pattern is the same as on all Catalina 25's
• Hole pattern is the same as on late Catalina 22's
• Hole pattern is the same as those on Capri 22's with a three bolt hole pattern used from about 1987 on

Check your pintles for wear. Significant loss of strength can occur. If there is wear, replace them.
• Inside diameter: 1/2"
• Distance between mount holes: 1-9/16"
• Diameter of mount holes: cleared for 5/16" fasteners
• Distance from mount surface to center of bushed ferrule: 1-1/4"
• Width overall: 4"
• Height overall: 1-3/4"
Some owners have reported their top pintle is not long enough for the cotter pin hole to be exposed below the bushing. There must be 0.65" of pintle available for the bushing between the bottom of the pintle strap and the top of the cotter pin hole. If your pintle won't work, order our part # D1119 pintle listed below in "May we also suggest".