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Kick-Up Rudder Detent Rivet

Part #: Z1728
This rivet increases the resistance of the rudder blade against kicking up while sailing.

Early boats did not include this feature. It was added at a later date when it was found the rudder disk set alone wouldn't keep the rudder blade down while sailing. It can be added to early boats' rudder assemblies.
Install the rivet into the rudder blade such that its head engages a new hole drilled in the rudder cheek when the blade is in the down position. Drill the hole in the rudder blade the size of the shank of the rivet. Drill a larger hole in the cheek that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the head of the rivet so the head engages the hole without dropping completely into the hole.

While sailing the rudder blade will remain in the down position. If you strike an underwater object, the rudder cheeks flex out allowing the rivet head to pass. The rudder blade kicks up as usual preventing damage to the rudder assembly and the stern of the boat.

Use the adhesive below to secure the rivet into the rudder blade and to prevent water intrusion into the interior of the rudder.
• Overall length: ~11/16"
• Shank length: 1/2"
• Diameter: 1/4"