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Pintle Short 1/2" for Kick-Up Rudder

Part #: D1253
The short pintle is used on the top to ease installation of the rudder. The long bottom pintle installs first, then the short top pintle follows.
The Catalina factory did not record when the Catalina 22 equipped with kick-up rudder pintles changed from the original 3/8" diameter to the stronger 1/2" diameter. We know that the Catalina 22 equipped with standard rudders used 1/2" pintles beginning in 1987 with hull #14489. Hulls 14488 and earlier with standard rudders used 3/8" diameter.

Catalina 22's with kick-up rudders changed to 1/2" diameter at a later, unknown date.

An additional hint: All gudgeons from Catalina Yachts that mount with four bolts are 3/8" diameter. Gudgeons that mount with three bolts are 1/2". Measure your hardware to determine diameter before ordering if you are unsure.

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Keeping the Pintles You Paid For
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